1. What kind of paint do Auntie Yan use?
Auntie Yan uses water-based paint called Kryolan Aquacolor. Kryolan is a trusted brand - it's a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe for more than 50 years. It's hypoallergenic and approved by EEC (EU) and FDA (USA).

2. Is it safe to use?
Yes, it is safe for children's skin. Like we mentioned before, Kryolan Aquacolor is hypoallergenic; approved by the ECC of Europe and the FDA of America. Auntie Yan has been painting using Kryolan now and then on her own children and her own face, she's glad to say that there's no problem with it so far! However, Auntie Yan will not paint if a child has a heavy eczema on the face. We can try just a small patch of design on the hand or leg if you are not sure of your child's skin condition :)

3. Is it a water-based paint or an oil-based paint?
Kryolan Aquacolor, as the name implies, is a water-based paint. Autie Yan personally prefers water-based paint than oil-based paint because they can be applied more smoothly. There's no need to apply for a base cream on the face prior painting, hence less risk of irritation. They wash off much more easily too. It can go off with just tap water!

4. Where does Auntie Yan buy the paints from?
Auntie Yan obtained her supplies directly from Silly Farm Inc., USA; You can be sure that it is original & quality protected.

5. Does Auntie Yan sell the paint to others?
Not at the moment ;) But we do have plan to sell them in the future.

6. What type of events that one can call for Auntie Yan Face Painting service?
Auntie Yan is more than happy to serve a child's birthday party, family gathering, family day, sports day, prize-giving day, and any other kids' fun-filled events. Adults who tag along with the kids may be painted too upon request.

7. How does Auntie Yan charge the face painting service? 
 Auntie Yan charges per hour basis, with minimum order of 2 hours. The charges will depend on the type of event too. Auntie Yan will of course discuss with you about the effective number of hours and rates based on your event's requirements. Just give Auntie Yan a ring or sms at 019-2289270; or drop her an e-mail at auntieyan@gmail.com :)

Hope to hear from you soon!