Monday, April 9, 2012

Auntie Yan Face Painting at Shah Alam


Here we are again. Did you have a good weekend? Whether you became a couch potato or went places last weekend - I hope you did enjoy yourself and found a moment of peace.

Now, Joshinae invited us to her daughter's birthday party in January last year at Shah Alam. I remembered the adults enjoyed the session as much as the children did. But I could get all the shots. Here are some photos to cheer you up on Monday ;)

Okay, gotta run, friend. Please keep in touch.. Do come and visit me again soon. Meanwhile, take a day at a time. The road of your lives may twists and turns.. just ride'll pick up the greatest lessons along the journey that will bring the best out of you from time to time :)
 "As we grow older, we will discover that we have two hands, one for helping ourself, the other for helping others"  - The Beautiful Audrey Hepburn -

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