Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthday Party of Kak Murn's 3rd Son at Subang Bestari


Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé? <-- this is 'What's up?' in French ;) 
I wish you well, buddy. Hope your days are filled with warm colours...

Here's another happy event that Auntie Yan attended, it was at Subang Bestari on 7 Dec. 2010. The happy occasion was the birthday party of Kak Murn's 3rd son out of 5 children (if I'm not mistaken). Speaking of siblings and kinship, in Malay culture, the 1st child is usually called 'Along', the 2nd child is called 'Angah' and the 3rd one can be called 'Uda' or 'Achik'. Err.. what about the 4th one? Is it called 'Alang'? Hehehe.. Auntie is not so sure.. perharps you can share with us what the correct kinship term is. But one thing I'm quite sure of, the youngest one is often called 'Usu' or 'Acu'.

By the way, here are the snapshots of the birthday party. Photos couretesy of K. Murn & hubby, thank you to both!

Here's the birthday boy. Wow, look at the cake - fantastico!

Kak Murn, hubby, and their daughter. She's beautiful like her mom...

You can view more photos here. Photos are again courtesy of Kak Murn. Auntie Yan was rushing that day, so she forgot to bring her own camera!

Ok, buddy. See you again with more interesting pics. Meanwhile, have a pleasant day ahead. If you have dark clouds above your head at the moment, fret not...just hang on... it'll be gone soon. There's always a silver lining across the dark sky. There are always sunshine and rainbow after the rain too. Remember, tough times won't last, but tough people do ;)

Till then, Ciao!

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