Friday, March 11, 2011

Face Painting at Alam Budiman, Shah Alam: Ain's Birthday Party


What's up my friend? May things run smoothly at your end :)

As promised, let me update you with a series of Auntie Yan's face painting events around KL and Selangor that took place a few months back. This time round,  it was at Alam Budiman, Shah Alam on 14 Nov. 2010. The grand occasion was Ain's birthday party. Photos below are courtesy of Ain's parents, the lovely K. Lin & Abg. Malek - thank you both for inviting & sharing the photos!

"Sugar and spice, and everything nice.." Here's the birthday girl - Ain the sweetie pie! 

Best wishes for you, Ain. May your best dreams come true....

Everlasting sisterhood...

Ain's elder brother, a hansome tiger in red... ;)

Now, a brotherhood of friendly tigers.. grrrrrrr..

Here comes a bunny with a real rabbit... hehehe..

This is Ain's eldest sister, looking sweet with a butterfly on her cheek :)

During the party, Ain's besties were of course by her side to celebrate her birthday:

Le captaine pirate and his favourite apprentice..:D

Ain's dearest mom and dad, Kak Lin & Abang Malek. Kak Lin just delivered their 6th child about a week before Ain's birthday party. It seemed that the pang of childbirth didn't bother her at all from attending all her children at home. Isn't she looks amazing? Her smile is as big as her heart...

The cool bunch... Home is where the heart is!

By the way, we are counting days here for the 1-week school holiday :) Bet there will be parties, weddings and short trips by this weekend and the days after. To busy parents out there, let's take a break and catch up with the kids!
"Holiday.. Celebrate...
If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice!"
From 'Holiday' by Madonna
Take care all! Auntie will be going off for a holiday too with the kids this weekend (12-13 March).. Drop me e-mails if you can't reach me at 019-2289270 or 013-3845832. Cheers!

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