Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jonathan's Birthday Party

Hi there,

Here we are again sharing some exciting face painting photos. This time, the spotlight is on Jonathan's 3rd birthday party which was held on 10 Oct. 2010 at Nyonya's Kitchen, Klang. For his birthday bash, Jonathan's mom, Julie had requested a 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' theme. Auntie Yan never did this before... and so, she was all excited and nervous at the same time trying to paint Mickey Mouse, Minie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto!

Before Auntie Yan went off to the party, she practised painting some of the famous Playhouse Disney's characters. For the first timer, not bad this is, aye? hehehe... 

Here is Pluto!
Then comes Donald...
Minie Mouse is all smile...
Here's Donald again, this time with his sailor hat on..
Now, these are the photos taken at the birthday party. Some of the shots, which are obviously clearer and better in terms of photography angles are taken from Julie's blog and her Facebook photo album. Those were snapped by one of Julie's sister during the party.

The photo above is taken from Julie's blog. We started by painting both Jonathan's mommy & daddy. Since daddy requested Donald Duck, mommy spontaneously wanted to become the darling Daisy Duck ;)

Both of these photos are taken from Julie's Facebook album. Aren't they such cute Minnies? awww...
As the party went, Mickey & Minnie were the most popular among the guests.

This particular photo is also taken from Julie's Facebook photo album.

Here are photos of Donald and Goofy:

There were other designs requested by the guests apart from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters:

This young lady had Goofy painted on her left cheek before. She returned for more on her right cheek :)
Hand painting were also done upon the guests' requests: 

Now, here's Jonathan,  the birthday boy. He was happy surrounded by his mommy and his lovely aunties.

Another photo taken from Julie's blog
Along the way, we bumped into our old friend, Khai Yin. Auntie Yan & Khai Yin used to be colleagues back in year 2000. It was a nice surprise since we hadn't seen him in years... he is definitely much slimmer now, keep it up Khai Yin!

Khai Yin and his family. This photo is extracted from here.
All in all, the party was a memorable one. However, we are deeply sorry to learn that Jonathan's little sister, Samantha had left all of us (as written by Julie in her blog on 19 Nov. 2010). Samantha had been battling a metabolic disorder condition. You can read about her courageous journey here. Even though Auntie Yan only met Samantha once during the birthday party, Auntie Yan  really feel for her as Auntie Yan also has a baby daughter just a few months older than Samantha.

Samantha, may you rest in peace.. (This photo from Julie's Facebook album) 

Our deepest condolences to Julie and her family.

God truly love Samantha more. To all who are reading this, let's pray that Julie and her family are blessed with strength, courage, peace and love to go on. Amin.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nadia's Birthday Party

Hi there!

How are things going on? I really hope all are nice and sunny for you! 

Now, in this blog entry, Auntie Yan would like to share some photos taken during Nadia's 11th birthday party on last 9 October 2010. The party was held together with her family's  Hari Raya open house. The face painting parlour became instant hit as the kids really digged it. Hope it was a memorable birthday party for Nadia and her friends :o)

Here's Nadia, the sweet birthday girl!  The dazzling stars on her face matched her earings.. ;)

Want to see more photos of Nadia's birthday party? You can check them out our Facebook page too :)

In Malaysia at this time, the holiday mood starts to kick in as we have a string of public holidays in November and December; there are Deepavali (5 Nov.), Hari Raya Haji or Eid al-Adha (17 Nov.), Maal Hijrah which is the Islamic New Year (7 Dec.), and then, Christmas (25 Dec.). Some may extend the Christmas holiday till the New Year celebration. The long awaited year-end school break is around the corner too! So 'syok', right??!!! Till then, enjoy the holiday season, let your hair down & relax your feet ;) See you again with more exciting photos!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Petronas Dagangan Hari Raya Open House

Good day everyone!

As promised, Auntie Yan would like to share with you some photos taken during our job at Petronas Dagangan Hari Raya Open House, which was held on 26 September 2010 at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara.There were about 500 kids attending, including special Petronas' guests from Rumah Nursalam. The kids were entertained with Upin & Ipin, a clown, balloons, and of course, Auntie Yan's Face Painting :)

Petronas Dagangan made a nice banner for the face painting station. If you noticed, the photos at the foot of the banner is extracted from this blog (see my Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! post). On that day, the face painting station was a huge hit among the kids.We had kids coming back for repeats despite the long queues :)

We came in early to paint the organizing committee first. For a big event like this, Auntie Yan teams up with another 2 painters - Uncle Fadhil and Fizah to address the large crowd. (Thanks team, you guys rock! ;))

The original theme requested by the organizing committee was 'Raya!Raya!Raya!'. So we had Raya antics like ketupat (the most popular), Syawal moon, stars, pelita, lemang and fireworks painted on the cheeks or hands... 

But kids  will be kids... after several rounds of Raya antics, they started to pop questions like 'Auntie, can I have Batman instead?' 'How about Spiderman?' After a short discussion with the organizing committee, they gave us the green light to paint other designs too. Afterall, the kids were too cute to let down ;)

Here's a tiger in the making...
This fine chap requested Auntie Yan to cover a mole on his face with a tiger skin pattern :D  
All in all, Spiderman and Tiger were very popular with the boys during the event

But there were requests for other designs too; for instance, this young man fancied being a clown
Shark was often requested to be painted on the hands... 

 The Flash and football were popular too!

 As for the girls, butterflies, flowers, rainbows and hearts are classic favourites..

Here's Kak Long (the eldest) among three lovely sisters. She was pleased with the rainbow & heart...

And then comes Kak Ngah (the middle sister),.. After seeing Kak Long's, she wanted a similar design for herself

Now, the two happy sisters encouraged the youngest one to try out the face painting... 

And guess what? she wanted the same design too! hehehe... :D

Now, the favourite of the day is (drum roll)... 

scroll further...

scroll further...

scroll further...

Tadaaa!!!! ..It's the famous genie in Tan Sri P. Ramlee's Ahmad Al-bab movie! LOL!!!!

Okie-dokie, I guess that's all for now. Thank you dear, for reading this till the end!

Here, Auntie Yan would like to thank Nurul, our inspiring photographer who voluntarilly joined us that day. Most of all, we would like to thank Fatin and the team from Petronas for the great opportunity. More photos of this event can be found at our Facebook photo album. Hope you'll drop by again since we have several exciting birthday photos to update. Do keep in touch and see ya soon!