Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jonathan's Birthday Party

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Here we are again sharing some exciting face painting photos. This time, the spotlight is on Jonathan's 3rd birthday party which was held on 10 Oct. 2010 at Nyonya's Kitchen, Klang. For his birthday bash, Jonathan's mom, Julie had requested a 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' theme. Auntie Yan never did this before... and so, she was all excited and nervous at the same time trying to paint Mickey Mouse, Minie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto!

Before Auntie Yan went off to the party, she practised painting some of the famous Playhouse Disney's characters. For the first timer, not bad this is, aye? hehehe... 

Here is Pluto!
Then comes Donald...
Minie Mouse is all smile...
Here's Donald again, this time with his sailor hat on..
Now, these are the photos taken at the birthday party. Some of the shots, which are obviously clearer and better in terms of photography angles are taken from Julie's blog and her Facebook photo album. Those were snapped by one of Julie's sister during the party.

The photo above is taken from Julie's blog. We started by painting both Jonathan's mommy & daddy. Since daddy requested Donald Duck, mommy spontaneously wanted to become the darling Daisy Duck ;)

Both of these photos are taken from Julie's Facebook album. Aren't they such cute Minnies? awww...
As the party went, Mickey & Minnie were the most popular among the guests.

This particular photo is also taken from Julie's Facebook photo album.

Here are photos of Donald and Goofy:

There were other designs requested by the guests apart from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters:

This young lady had Goofy painted on her left cheek before. She returned for more on her right cheek :)
Hand painting were also done upon the guests' requests: 

Now, here's Jonathan,  the birthday boy. He was happy surrounded by his mommy and his lovely aunties.

Another photo taken from Julie's blog
Along the way, we bumped into our old friend, Khai Yin. Auntie Yan & Khai Yin used to be colleagues back in year 2000. It was a nice surprise since we hadn't seen him in years... he is definitely much slimmer now, keep it up Khai Yin!

Khai Yin and his family. This photo is extracted from here.
All in all, the party was a memorable one. However, we are deeply sorry to learn that Jonathan's little sister, Samantha had left all of us (as written by Julie in her blog on 19 Nov. 2010). Samantha had been battling a metabolic disorder condition. You can read about her courageous journey here. Even though Auntie Yan only met Samantha once during the birthday party, Auntie Yan  really feel for her as Auntie Yan also has a baby daughter just a few months older than Samantha.

Samantha, may you rest in peace.. (This photo from Julie's Facebook album) 

Our deepest condolences to Julie and her family.

God truly love Samantha more. To all who are reading this, let's pray that Julie and her family are blessed with strength, courage, peace and love to go on. Amin.

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  1. Wow! It's amazing what paint can do on some pretty faces and hands. i love the one with the heart on cheeks and bows.. but the truth is you they are all fun to look at