Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double celebration: Luqman's 7th Birthday & Lateefa's 6th Birthday

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What's been cooking lately? Hope it turns out deliciously fine!

It's been a while since Auntie Yan last updated this blog. The fourth quarter of 2010 was full of unexpected events for our family; there were days that the rainbows grew above our heads, but there were days that out of sudden, some birds pooped on the heads too ;) That's life anyway, hehehe...

By the way, Auntie Yan managed to work on a series of interesting birthday parties in the last quarter. Auntie Yan will try her best to update them all here.

The one that Auntie Yan would like to share with you today is on Luqman's 7th Birthday and Lateefa's 6th Birthday. The double celebration of  this pair of close siblings was held on 17 Oct. 2010, attended by many of their playground pals, neighbours, besties and of course, their beloved family members. 

Here you go, hope you like it :)
Luqman and Lateefa, were about to blow the candles and made special wishes... (Photo courtesy of the hot momma Afzan. Thanks babe) 

Tadaa..Candles were blown.. May your wishes come true! 

Here's the birthday boy. Luqman fancied the Ultraman look :) 

Now this is Lateefa, the birthday girl, donning a butterfly design on her sweet face
Here are some photos of their friends during the party:

Photo courtesy of Afzan

Okie-dokie, thank you for checking out this post. Hope it's not too late for Auntie Yan to wish you a Happy New Year. May 2011 takes you to greater heights and happier times. Bon Chance!

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