Friday, November 12, 2010

Nadia's Birthday Party

Hi there!

How are things going on? I really hope all are nice and sunny for you! 

Now, in this blog entry, Auntie Yan would like to share some photos taken during Nadia's 11th birthday party on last 9 October 2010. The party was held together with her family's  Hari Raya open house. The face painting parlour became instant hit as the kids really digged it. Hope it was a memorable birthday party for Nadia and her friends :o)

Here's Nadia, the sweet birthday girl!  The dazzling stars on her face matched her earings.. ;)

Want to see more photos of Nadia's birthday party? You can check them out our Facebook page too :)

In Malaysia at this time, the holiday mood starts to kick in as we have a string of public holidays in November and December; there are Deepavali (5 Nov.), Hari Raya Haji or Eid al-Adha (17 Nov.), Maal Hijrah which is the Islamic New Year (7 Dec.), and then, Christmas (25 Dec.). Some may extend the Christmas holiday till the New Year celebration. The long awaited year-end school break is around the corner too! So 'syok', right??!!! Till then, enjoy the holiday season, let your hair down & relax your feet ;) See you again with more exciting photos!

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