Monday, October 4, 2010

Hari Raya Dinner at Mak Long's

Hi all!
After Ginger's birthday party, we went to my sister's home for a Hari Raya get together. It's been a while since the kids last visited the home of Pak Long, Mak Long, their cousins - Mubin, Syamin and AJ, plus the pet turtles. That evening, Mak Long prepared a tasty nasik lemak with chicken rendang. To wrap it up, Auntie Yan painted the kids just for fun ;)
The kids' eldest cousin, Mubin posed as Le Capitaine Jack Sparrow in his early teens. This young man has some serious talents in drawing comics and grafitti arts.
Mubin requested a turtle on his cheek. He loves turtles. He raises four pet turtles, one is named after the famous Quincy of the Wonder Pet
The peaceful butterfly who is smiling sweetly at you is Mubin's sister, Syamin.
Syamin is the smartest girl in her class. According to her grandma, Syamin is usually quiet and observant, but hey,  she is gutsy!

Here is Ilhan, the dragon who was full with Mak Long's nasik lemak.... He often has tricks up his sleeves that he uses on his eldest brother  ;)
The dragon felt sleepy but abah tried to keep him awake..
Dhuha, posed as a Hawaiian boy with Nemo on his cheek
Dhuha showing off his Nemo... Dhuha has talents in drawing figures too. His sketches are pretty impressive.. Keep it up son!
Okie-dokie, that's all for now.. thanks for checking out this post. Auntie Yan hopes you'll drop by again. She will be uploading updates on Azie's son's birthday party and her face painting works for Petronas Dagangan Hari Raya open house soon. Stay tuned!

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