Thursday, June 30, 2011

Auntie Yan Special: Father's Day Edition

Hola amigo!
Hello my friend!

What's up over there? I hope you are all doing well. We are half way through this year as the month of June 2011 bids farewell.Whatever ups and downs that you had for the last six months, I hope they'll make you stronger and wiser ;)

Last May, I updated about Mother's Day. Naturally, it feels right this time to pay tribute to the fathers that we have and we meet in our lives. From the bottom of my heart, Auntie Yan would like to wish all our supporters, all the loving daddies and the inspiring father figures in the world a very Happy Father's Day.

Here are some photos of the sporting fathers and uncles who dared our face painting by beloved Auntie Yan's partner, Uncle Fadhil. They braved anything just to make their kids happy :)

Photo courtesy of Kak Lin & Abang Malik

Photo courtesy of Ina Alim

Photo courtesy of Kak Murn
Photo courtesy of Kak Murn

Now, to my hubby, thank you for always trying your best to be the no. 1 daddy in the world to our children. Keep reaching for the stars and keep spreading your wings, we love you very much! 

"Ayahku, ayah juara satu seluruh dunia" 
-ANDREA HIRATA the great author of 'Sang Pemimpi' and 'Laskar Pelangi'-

Well, Andrea Hirata, looks like your daddy is not the only "Ayah juara satu seluruh dunia", my children have one too ;) 
I hope many of us are lucky enough to always have our own version of  "the best no.1 daddy in the world" in our own way and our own eyes.

Till we meet again, Ciao!

p/s: Al-fatihah to my late father and my late father in-law. May your souls rest in peace among the al-Muttakin & al-Mukhsinin. Semoga Allah sentiasa mencucuri rahmatNya.

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