Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Face Painting Hawaiian-style at Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur


Pehea `oe? How are you? Jolly good I hope!

It's still raining now and then over here, but that isn't bad really. The what used to be browning plants at my backyard seem to spring back with lovely green hues and Auntie Yan is loving it :)

This time, let me tell you about Lelani's birthday party that was held almost a year ago. It was a cool Hawaiian-themed party by the pool, attended by her family members and besties. I remembered eating tasty pineapple fried rice afterwards.. hehehe ;)

Lelani, the beautiful Pulelehua (Hawaiian butterfly) :)
This is one of her besties with the hibiscus on the cheek. Hibiscus is a state flower of Hawaii. It's a symbol of royalty, believed to bring great power & respect among Hawaiian
Let's have some coconut trees and summer flowers lulled by the tropical breezes ..
"Well... I think I'll have a hibiscus.."
"Oppsss...On the second thought, the Hawaiian butterfly is pretty cool and I want that too!"
"Let the butterfly takes its maiden flight from my hand.."
"And let this one rests on my cheek!"

Here's Lelani's lovely mom, Melissa. Love the lei she was wearing (a string of flowers around the neck). Auntie Yan just found out that she's a cousin to my former boss, Miss Sha. What a small world after all!
Alright, we shall keep in touch again very soon. Laze around and enjoy your day regardless rain or shine. Hakuna matata, my friend!

"Hakuna Matata; what a wonderfull phrase.
Hakuna Matata; It aint no passing craze.
It means no worries, for the rest of your days." 
-The Lion King-

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